Warsaw Pack – the fastest-growing Fair of Packaging and Packaging Techniques in Poland. The leader associating the packaging industry and the complimentary industry.

This year, Unilogo Robotics joined the group of exhibitors at the fifth edition of the Warsaw Pack trade fair. The fair featured a robotic line for liquid cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and household products – Futureproof 60 and a universal dosing and capping line for liquid cosmetic products – Cosmoline 30.

Futureproof 60 is a universal sorting, dosing, capping and labelling line. Designed to work with different packaging, types of closures and a wide range of viscosities of dosed liquids such as: soaps, shampoos, emulsions and tonics.

Cosmoline 30 is a filling and closing line for thick and highly viscous cosmetic products. One of the most important features of the device is the possibility of being able to extract a very small dose of the product (e.g. 5-50 ml). The line comes in three versions: for creams, nail polishes and perfumes.

We are also pleased to announce that during the gala, our Futureproof line was chosen as the most suitable machine for the “Industry 4.0, an intelligent factory” category by the fair’s organisers. Thank you very much for the award!

Thank you all for visiting our stand. It was a great opportunity for us to present our products and offers to you as well as to get to know your needs and share your knowledge.