The use of adjustable format nests (Puck System) allows to handle the most demanding types and forms of packaging. The filling unit supports a wide range of viscosity and density of products: recommended range – up to 6000 cP . The wide range of supported packages, types of closures and dosing products makes this line unusually versatile.

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The possibility of pouring a small doses: from 50 ml – the recommended viscosity of the liquid: max 6000 cP

Flow meters : electromagnetic Dosimag DN 08

Filling nozzles: 5 pcs

Type of filling nozzles: closed internally, fi 16 the

Possibility of customizing the pump, according to the individual needs of the customer

Bottle presence senor (filling process will not start until the photocell detects the package under the nozzles)

Hygiene of the process – drip drain, which prevents fluids from dripping on the bottle or transporting belt

3D printed elements – a precise centering  of the package. [clearb]


Examples of performance achieved by the Cosmoline:

– Creatine 150 ml, efficiency instantaneous: 2,200 pcs/h
– Shampoo 1000 ml, efficiency instantaneous: 1700 pcs/h
– Lotion 500 ml, performance instantaneous: 1,900 pcs/h [clearb]

transport butelek w paksach The transport system in format nests : the line supports a whole range of bottle shapes. Easily adjustable tansporting nests (Puck System), allows to set the bottle perfectly under the filling nozzles and prevent tilting of the package (and flooding over the transporter). Moreover, the format nests will always keep the same distance between the packages under the nozzles –  without time waste for the changeover. In order to make the set-up even shorter the customer can buy a spare set of nests (Pucks) to reduce changeover time (just take off one set of nests and put a new one on – the line is ready for a new bottle).


linia do kosmetykówComfort and safety of work:

  • Elongated space for operators, who manually place the closures on the bottles – aluminum loop of the conveyor with a length of 3.7 m
  • the whole process of filling and capping takes place in a closed cabin
  • control sunit placed above the working area (on the top of the cabin), which protects the device against flooding and damage

Universal Closing Z5 :

It works with any type of closures

4 – head roller closing head  – tightening the initially (manually) placed caps

Precise setting of screwing force , the number of revolutions and speed head