A more developed version of our Z6 is equipped with an extra Z5 capping module which allows for an increase in the capping process productivity up to 30 pcs./min (compared to only 25 pcs./min in the Z6).



The challenge:

The challenge we faced was connected mainly with the package:

  • Low quality bottles, prone to being crushed during separation under pressure or during feeding with various hardness and wall thicknesses.
    During capping, soft packages get easily deformed pushing out air and may get labeled incorrectly: bubbles, wrinkles, etc.
  • Closures specificity: triggers (long straw) and cosmetic pumps (short straw).  With longer straws, there is more time for opening the scissors.  With shorter straws (pumps), gripper lowering time is shorter and scissors opening time gets longer.
  • Low quality closures:
    A pump is positioned on Z2 (pump nozzle orientation is set for the bottles to enter oriented in the same direction).


  • Extra bottle stabilizing belts to release line pressure have been added.
  • Depending on Client’s closure quality, we have enabled two modes of pump capping and orienting: capping and then positioning or reversely – depending on pump quality.
    The first mode (capping and positioning) provides lower productivity (slower machine work due to the need of performing an extra turn).


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