Robotic cap sorter – world-wide unique solution supplied only by Unilogo. ANY cap type (no matter the hight): triggers, pumps, twist-off and others. NO FORMAT PARTS need. One automated device instead of many different sorters – each one to a single type of cap. Ideal for CO-PACKERS and all manufacturers who deal with really wide range of differents products. Improved capacity and production process. Minimum changeover time. Less space needed – one device for all types of closures.
Can be implemented in any line.

  • Main features & benefits
    • Support with each type of closure: triggers, pumps, twist-off, threaded caps and others
    • Works with different height of caps (e.g.: flat, shallow twist-off and high irregular triggers)
    • No formats parts: one format works with all type of caps
    • Recognition of destroyed cap thanks to 3D vision implemented
    • Automatic type of cap change (on the operation panel)
    • The robot can work with any production line supporting existing production in customer’s plant
    • Productivity: 75 pcs/min (single robot)

    Technical specification

  • [TYPE OF CLOSURE] One sorter for all closures
  • [PRODUCTIVITY] up to 75cs/min per one robotic cell
  • [CAP VERIFICATION] 3D cap recognition and verification
  • [CHANGEOVER] automatic changeover (no additional parts)
  • [DESIGN] can work with any capper

We also invite you to visit our factory in Piaseczno, Poland – our engineers and technical advisors will be happy to answer any questions and demonstrate the machine live at work. Upon request – we have the ability to make an appointment with one of our customers who is already using our robotic line in their factory.