Universal, fexible line to fill, cap and label packages of liquid cosmetics with an increased capacity (up to 70 pcs/min).

This production line supports the most demanding types and forms of packaging. The implemented pumping-pouring system supports a wide range of product viscosities and densities: 9,000 – 10,000 cP (soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners etc.)


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Irregular package shapes result in a lack of stability and repeatability of settings for packaging during production and increases the risk of product spillage and the chances of it getting on the transporter/conveyor.

Different types of closures: cosmetic pump, flip top, pull- push.

The challenges set by the customer at this stage of the design and implementation process:

nalewanie w dwóch torach CS70

    • Dual structure: the packaging is separated into two lines at the moment of entry, and merged at the end. A system of fillers passing from position to position saves time during the packages departure.
    • Fillers with double structure: external and internal spouts have different diameters. Larger sections of the outer spout maintain the speed of the dispensing fluids, while the smaller one adapts to the opening of the bottle.
  • Minimal product loses: it is possible to dispense high viscosity fluids/liquids without the pressure vessel by using a direct flow whilst packaging (< 1000L) or alternatively a pipeline.
  • The applied dosing system, due to a short fluid circuit (the pump and collector are located close to the machine), allowing minimal product losses and easy cleaning.


  1. Versatility and functionality:

gniazda formatowe pucks CS 70Transporter system with format plugs:
The line supports the entire range of cosmetic packaging. Under extremely demanding package types (with an irregular base) were applied with different dimensions in to milled slots which set them perfectly in their axis during the pouring process and prevented the product from tilting (and flooding the transporter).


In addition, the sockets will always keep the same distance between the packages under the fillers – without the need for fitted spouts.


  • Wide range of viscosity levels, up to 9000-10 000cP gives the possibility of dispensing cosmetics such as: soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners etc.
  •  3D printing – gives the possibility of precision centering of various package types and the possibility of scanning the bottle to prepare very accurate sizing (or a slot or gripping head) which grips the bottle (in accordance with its shape) even with the largest possible number of points. Traditional technology does not provide such precision with light packages (thin packages) tend to twist the packaging together with the cork.

zakręcarka do push-pulli

Two multi-formatted cappers:

  • cooperate with any type of closures, equipped with an automatic insertion option that pushes up into the packages, inserting corks and screwing on the traditional screw caps.
  • Pressure heads matched by shape – the feature of gripping the bottles from the bottom – in the case of this application the challenge was the push-pull closure – softness, and low weight resulted in crushing when being collected by the screw. The solution turned out to be a full jaw gripper and capper which surrounds the closure and fastens, not crushing it.
  • cap diverter which diverts caps into two lines
  • automatic sorting of flip – top closures (which prevents them from opening)
  • orientation of packages during preparation:
    • possibility of positioning (with the use of a camera) relative to the cap and labels: e.g. setting/positioning flip-top openings in relation to the front of the label
    • system positioning pumps – the pump can be set in any direction – any direction in a positional relationship relative to the package – format, which blocks the pump in any position defined by the customer
  • cooperation with components of lower quality – the soft pull-push clousure which was mentioned previously