Line for filling, capping and labelling containers. A perfect solution for the cosmetic industry thanks to the capability of dosing creams, balms, cleansing milks, micellar lotions.

The devices comes in two configurations:

  • 30 pcs/min
  • 50 pcs/min

Advantage of the Cosmoline 40 SkinCare cosmetic line:

  • Pucks system supports containers of various shapes and sizes.
  • Blowing station allows for removing potential contamination from the containers.
  • The line supports complex container shapes and caps (e.g. airless caps).
  • Mobile dosing sets allow for a quick change of the type of medium and the dosage amount, as well as easy cleaning.
  • Cap sorting systems support even the most fragile caps without damaging them.
  • Servocapper ensures an always repetitive cap tightening torque.
  • Intuitive software: easy operation of the device and Internet connection capability.
  • Multifunctional labelling machine supporting various shapes. Labelling lids, sides and bottoms of containers. Proper positioning of a container is ensured by a Slide positioner, and the patented Mangler system allows for aesthetic labelling without air bubbles.

The line is perfect for companies manufacturing both water-consistency liquids and creams.

Take a look at the movie of the line for dosing creams and liquid cosmetics: