The flexible capping module for a range of closures – pumps, sprayers, triggers, flip tops and more.


Flexicapper is a machine for automatic feeding and capping. Our bottle capping machines work with all types of closures: standard caps, cosmetic pumps, triggers, push-pull caps and more. Application of a servo-drive allows full control of the capping closing torque process and facilitates fast machine changeover.


Main features and advantages:

  • Effortless programming requires only the dimensions of the bottle for the machine to self adjust.
  • Quick and easy toolless changeover to another product
  • Vision system controlling quality and presence of closure
  • No queueing of caps for efficiency and minimising risk of blockage
  • Gentle handling by a vacuum system, preventing damage and scratches
  • Decreased vulnerability for product quality
  • Productivity: up to 55 pcs./min
The capping module can work with any type of the production line. It is able to work with any pucks or without them. Its robotic sorting process, and quality-controlling vision system ensure a seamless transition between neighbouring units. The caps, delivered by the picking robot directly to the capping heads are stripped of any manufacturing imperfections and placed in the bottle, giving a secure, precise closure. 3D printed format parts will give you all the independence and flexibility in the world alongside an almost negligible changeover time to ensure the highest possible efficiency.

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